Sometimes I wish that I don’t have a Facebook (or Blogspot, or WordPress, or Twitter) account in the first place. I think I am too used to checking up on people statuses and summing up their life’s updates without actually making a real contact with them.

I have been missing a lot of people but I do not initiate any action to contact them. A lot of times, I think I am awkward with people. May be because we are moving in different circles now that conversation becomes awkward.

Tapi nak sangat jumpa and reconnect semula dengan kawan kawan and have actual updates. Not sitting in front of the computer reading live updates. =.=’



I think this blog is dying (and so is another one). But I don’t want to delete them, no matter what happen. Bila dah tua nanti mesti teringat peringkat peringkat kematangan bila baca semula post kat sini. Haha.


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