just …

… something which crossed my mind while wating for the water to boil just now.


I want to marry a family-oriented man.


A man who is hard at work during the office hours.


A man who comes back home after office hours to spend time with his family.


A man who allocates his weekend for his family.


A man who draws a line for OT.


A man who draws line for his clients / coworkers / whosoever-he-deals-with-in-his-job.


Other man :

“Okay, kalau macam tu kerja ni I submit hari Isnin la.”

My man :

“Sorry. Tak boleh la. Kalau submit hari Isnin means weekend kena kerja. Weekend is family-time.”

Other man :

“Jom lepak mamak lepas office.”

My man :

“Tak boleh la. My wife tunggu dekat rumah ni.”


Hahaha. Is that too much to ask for? 🙂


Alamak. Tak boleh la nak kawen dengan pilot macam ni. (=.=”)


p/s 1 :

wordpress memang tak boleh buat font yang ada colour eh? adeh. ohhh, tapi smiley dia comel. 🙂 🙂 🙂



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