i am alive

Last week, I went to Jaya Jusco with my parents and the other two boys in the house. To cut the story short, I was on my way out from the building. I walked pass my parents and the boys as they walked slowly.

Upon reaching the automatic door, I stood there. Waiting … waiting … and waiting.


I looked behind, looking for other members of the family, only to find them having their own sweet time, not realizing what crises I was going through. So, I looked back at the automatic door. And BEYOND.

I saw couples of school kids staring at me in horror. Just then, I kind of touched the door. Yeah, I touched it as if it could detect my fingerprints. Haha. And and aaaaaaaaaand …

YES. It did open! Finally. πŸ™‚

It was really an awkward moment. The automatic door could not detect my presence? Eeerk ~~~ 0.0

What am I? A GHOST?

Hihihihihi. Watch out kids! I am going to scare you tonight. Hihihihihi. *insert eerie background music*


p/s 1 :

well, I have been thinking of using this site as my primary sharing medium. and the other one as a formal one. sebab blog tu dah macam takde privacy. <– orang bajet hot. hahaha. πŸ™‚

p/s 2 :

buat banyak banyak blog, macam la rajin nak tulis. adeh.




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