Sometimes I wish that I don’t have a Facebook (or Blogspot, or WordPress, or Twitter) account in the first place. I think I am too used to checking up on people statuses and summing up their life’s updates without actually making a real contact with them.

I have been missing a lot of people but I do not initiate any action to contact them. A lot of times, I think I am awkward with people. May be because we are moving in different circles now that conversation becomes awkward.

Tapi nak sangat jumpa and reconnect semula dengan kawan kawan and have actual updates. Not sitting in front of the computer reading live updates. =.=’



I think this blog is dying (and so is another one). But I don’t want to delete them, no matter what happen. Bila dah tua nanti mesti teringat peringkat peringkat kematangan bila baca semula post kat sini. Haha.


summary of the weekend



Balik ke minggu ni?



Tak la. Banyak kerja. Next week banyak quiz pulak tu.



Bagus la. Duduk sana jangan berjalan pulak. Keluar makan la, shopping la.



Eh, mesti la tak keluar. Nak study. Exam pun dah dekat.












Study la sangat. Booooo aisyah!

tabah = akhlak mulia

Don’t be sad when you lost your loved ones.

Because, believe me, they are in a much better place now.

Far more better than to be here in this world.

This cruel world, this already too corrupted world.


Don’t think you are alone, because verily no one is ever alone.

Don’t give up. Don’t lose hope. Don’t be afraid. Don’t cry over misery.

When you have ALLAH with you, oh dearest, nothing else matters.

When you have ALLAH with you, oh dearest, you have attained the true meaning of happiness.


Tabahkan semangatmu sayang. 🙂


just …

… something which crossed my mind while wating for the water to boil just now.


I want to marry a family-oriented man.


A man who is hard at work during the office hours.


A man who comes back home after office hours to spend time with his family.


A man who allocates his weekend for his family.


A man who draws a line for OT.


A man who draws line for his clients / coworkers / whosoever-he-deals-with-in-his-job.


Other man :

“Okay, kalau macam tu kerja ni I submit hari Isnin la.”

My man :

“Sorry. Tak boleh la. Kalau submit hari Isnin means weekend kena kerja. Weekend is family-time.”

Other man :

“Jom lepak mamak lepas office.”

My man :

“Tak boleh la. My wife tunggu dekat rumah ni.”


Hahaha. Is that too much to ask for? 🙂


Alamak. Tak boleh la nak kawen dengan pilot macam ni. (=.=”)


p/s 1 :

wordpress memang tak boleh buat font yang ada colour eh? adeh. ohhh, tapi smiley dia comel. 🙂 🙂 🙂


i am alive

Last week, I went to Jaya Jusco with my parents and the other two boys in the house. To cut the story short, I was on my way out from the building. I walked pass my parents and the boys as they walked slowly.

Upon reaching the automatic door, I stood there. Waiting … waiting … and waiting.


I looked behind, looking for other members of the family, only to find them having their own sweet time, not realizing what crises I was going through. So, I looked back at the automatic door. And BEYOND.

I saw couples of school kids staring at me in horror. Just then, I kind of touched the door. Yeah, I touched it as if it could detect my fingerprints. Haha. And and aaaaaaaaaand …

YES. It did open! Finally. 🙂

It was really an awkward moment. The automatic door could not detect my presence? Eeerk ~~~ 0.0

What am I? A GHOST?

Hihihihihi. Watch out kids! I am going to scare you tonight. Hihihihihi. *insert eerie background music*


p/s 1 :

well, I have been thinking of using this site as my primary sharing medium. and the other one as a formal one. sebab blog tu dah macam takde privacy. <– orang bajet hot. hahaha. 🙂

p/s 2 :

buat banyak banyak blog, macam la rajin nak tulis. adeh.




Why everyone is getting married?

Okay, memang jealous pun.

Wanna get married too. =.=

Hopefully no one is reading this. Ameen~


I had the most bizarre dream last night.

One word.



Oh. And he contacted me again using Yahoo Messenger and e-mail. I was not really talking to him. He buzzed me. Ah, sibuk lah dia tu.

In the e-mail, he told quite a lot about his recent life, I mean, his campus life. Hey, I don’t care lah. And I don’t want to know anything about you. Tak malu. He attached his recent photos too.


So yeah … since he sent me those photos, I took a dive in. Oh my God! I almost vomited. Sorry. Then I immediately delete his e-mail.